Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela Death is Mourned in New York City

The ticker tape parade honoring Nelson Mandela is memorialized on Broadway near Park Place.
With the death of Nelson Mandela, today is a day of mourning and remembrance worldwide. Here in New York City, we've honored Mandela with a ticker tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes- that was in 1990. Like all ticker tape parades before and since, a plaque marking the occasion was embedded on Broadway.

Click here to view our map to locate the marker for the Nelson Mandela ticker tape parade.

You can find the Nelson Mandela ticker tape parade marker on Broadway. Click the link above.

Nelson Mandela death mourned by South Africans, including Wall Street Walks owner Annaline Dinkelmann

The South African flag flies at half-mast at the New York Stock Exchange following the death of Nelson Mandela.

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